Are Your Ready?

Do you want to be part of the global movement of women who are making a difference in the world?

Do you know you have a gift and a contribution to make but don't know where to get started?

Are you unsure of what it means to celebrate the feminine within you?

Do you feel marginalized by the dominant culture?

Are you ready to do the work to unlock your potential, release what's no longer working, and make a profound impact in the world?


Circle Structure

Each Circle is no more than 10 women. We come together in an ONLINE Circle and you go on a woman's inner journey towards wholeness and authenticity, unlocking the gifts of your heart, and breaking out of modern female stereotypes. The Core Circle Practices establish mutual trust and respect. Within this container you practice your vulnerability as you give and receive support.
Circle Structure

You Can Expect to Tackle Such Issues As:

  • Learn new ways of relating with other women, build trust, and share your wisdom

  • Realize and expand the power of the feminine qualities already within you

  • Discover the meaning and purpose for your life

  • Bring your dreams to life

  • Eliminate drama and learn to manage unhealthy relationships without being pulled down by them

  • Get unstuck from limiting beliefs and attitudes

  • Celebrate and be celebrated for your accomplishments, changes and breakthroughs

6 Topics and 6 Live Circle Gatherings

Here's What You'll Receive:

  • Go on a Journey

    Each topic has a beginning, middle, and end. They are laid out to progressively build on one another. In our online portal the tools, processes, practices are organized and accessible 24/7.

  • Session Pre-Work

    Each topic includes videos, activities, journaling prompts and exercises to prepare you for the Live Circle Call. Complete these at your own pace between sessions.

  • Monthly Live Circle Calls

    Each month we meet live via Zoom where we can see and hear each other from anywhere in the world. Here you connect with the women in your Circle and share your transformational journey.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    New Beginnings
    • Download and Print Your Journal
    • Complete Circle Accelerator #1: All About Me!
    • Complete Circle Accelerator #2: Who I Am Becoming
    • Attend New Beginnings Live Gathering
    • In Circle Activity: Building Trust Together
    • In Circle Activity: Capturing What Matters Most To Me
    • In Circle Activity: My Commitments
    • Share and Discuss: Who I Am Becoming
    • Share and Discuss: Capturing What Matters Most
    • Share and Discuss: My Commitments
  • 2
    Seasons of My Life
    • Download and Print Journal: Seasons of My Life
    • Read: Archetypes As Guides
    • Circle Accelerator Part 1: Create a Mandala
    • Circle Accelerator Part 2: The Season of Your Life
    • Attend Live Gathering
    • Post Live Gathering: What Matters Most
  • 3
    Calling On Purpose
    • Download and Print Journal: Calling On Purpose
    • Core Questions on the Seasons of Life Spiral
    • Circle Accelerator Part 1: Shaping Your "Why"
    • Circle Accelerator Part 2: Connecting with your Character Strengths
    • Circle Accelerator Part 3: Connecting With Your Passions
    • Circle Accelerator Part 4: Your Enneagram Profile
    • Circle Accelerator Part 5: Pulling It All Together - Creating Your Core Purpose Message
    • Circle Accelerator Part 6: Create a Visual or Embodiment of Your Core Purpose Message
    • Prepare and Attend Live Gathering
  • 4
    Manifesting Your Dreams
    • Download and Print Journal: Manifesting Your Dreams
    • Circle Accelerator 1: Brainstorm Your Dreams
    • Circle Accelerator 2, Part 1: The Stories That Have Shaped Your Life
    • Circle Accelerator 2, Sacred Witnessing
    • Circle Accelerator 2, Part 3: Processing Your Buddy Sharing
    • Circle Accelerator 2, Part 4: Creating Your Elevator Pitch
    • Attend Live Gathering
  • 5
    The Mythology of Me
    • Download and Print Journal
    • Circle Accelerator 1: You and Your Mother
    • Circle Accelerator 2: You and Your Father
    • Circle Accelerator 3: Writing Your Personal Myth
    • Listen: Another woman's Personal Myth
    • Attend: Live Gathering
    • Reflect and Discuss: My Underlying Beliefs
    • Share: The Giving and Receiving of Sacred Witnessing
  • 6
    Conscious Endings
    • Download: Conscious Endings Journal
    • Circle Accelerator 1: The Five Movements of a Conscious Ending
    • Circle Accelerator 2: Sharing a Virtual Potluck Meal
    • Circle Accelerator 3: Sitting in "The Seat of Honor"
    • Circle Accelerator 4: Preparing for the Closing Ceremony
    • BONUS: Releasing Practices
    • BONUS: The Art of Letting Go

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