"To author ourselves, to own the expanse of our voices and our stories, is critical for us as women" 

-- Dominique Christina

With Terri Altschul

July 17th, 2019, 2pm est

Terri began the journey of self-authoring ten years ago. After a career in a male-dominated industry, she felt like her identify as a woman had faded to the background. She had disowned many of her uniquely feminine qualities in favor of what was seemingly acceptable on Wall Street for Women.

What she learned along the way was that she had inherited many of the foundational beliefs she held about being a woman.

In her work to dismantle these beliefs, she uncovered 3 SHIFTS that lead to authenticity, creativity, and belonging.
With Terri Altschul

"The Self-Authoring Woman"

"We talk about Self-Expression but we need to pause and remember that self-expression requires a SELF to express."  --Julia Cameron

Why is it important for women to define themselves?  While it is important for everyone, there is an urgency for women.  When you have inherited a template that names, describes, and practices a system that women are somehow "less than", then the work of defining yourself carries imperativeness. 

A woman who is able to design, and redesign, her life based on knowing her mind, is able to identify the template of beliefs and belief systems that lie behind her "truths".  She is able to unpack the nature of those beliefs and make conscious decisions about how that belief will continue to operate, or not, in her life. This woman, is better able to make choices and decisions that align with chosen vs. inherited beliefs.

But these beliefs are often buried in our patterns of response and sit outside of our awareness.  When our inherited template is activated, we can follow a path of decisions that leads us away, rather than towards, who we want to be in the world.  

In this transformational discussion, Terri will guide you into a process to identify a pattern in your life that you would like to change, and then guide you into the underlying belief that is holding that pattern in place.