"Persephone's gift is her ability to defy prevailing expectations of what she could be or do and instead answer an inner call to an uncharted path."  -- Carol Pearson


Available Friday, November 1st

RETREAT ON YOUR TIME SCHEDULE: In this Visual Journaler Retreat as we use art + process to explore our deeper consciousness. Our theme is the archetype of Persephone, a Goddess who guides us to navigate the worlds of light and dark.

Releasing the Heroine Within

The Greek mother-daughter myth of Demeter and Persephone, sees Persephone abducted to the underworld.  She leaves as a child, and returns as a queen.

How did she make the alchemical journey from a playful girl collecting flowers, to a woman with the  respect and presence of a Queen?

The myth teaches us that Persephone became choiceful and took responsibility for her situation.  She saw a need around her and chose to respond with love and compassion.  She chose to be Queen.  

Persephone is an archetype of choicefulness.  She chooses to makes the cyclical journey from the outer world where she can be with her mother and experience life, to the underworld (a symbol of our other-than-consciousness) where she cares for the deeper psyche.

She is a trailblazer for the modern woman.

Persephone's gift is her ability to defy the prevailing expectations of what a woman could be or do and instead answers the call to a path of her own.

She teaches us to trust life and our ability to handle whatever comes up. 

We learn to look to our intuition for guidance, rather than solely on the advice of others.  She helps us discern which paths/persons are right for.   And, She helps us gauge the right timing.


During this At-Home Visual Journaler retreat, you are invited to explore your own themes of change and transformation.  The program will support you in taking a personal inquiry using art materials, journaling, and story.

The Visual Journaler Method

The Visual Journaler(tm) blends visual expression with a coaching approach.

We use visual expression to bring deeper meaning and insight to your own story to life.  

The Visual Journaler Process is a layering technique.  A process that uncovers essential inner information through creativity. 

Sometimes we begin with journaling. Sometimes we begin with a hot creative mess, then do journal writing on top of that.  We work in the unknown.  Once you learn the tools you can go back and forth, covering over and revealing as you go.  

This program is for you if you're interested in:

  • Exploring your creativity
  • Uncover your deeper wisdom
  • Learning to navigate your inner and outer wolds
  • Personal growth and transformation
  • Diving into your magical, mystical inner world
  • Having fun!


Supplies You Need

A detailed supplies list will be provided upon registration.

  • Mixed media journal either spiral or hard bound. I like Strathmore and Canson.

  • Collage focal point 8-10 inches in height

  • Collage background pieces and text

  • 3-5 acrylic paint colors (one light, one dark)

  • Baby wipes (fragrance free)

  • Glue stick (I like UHU but any quality glue stick will work)

Program Content

This is a wonderful Fall retreat of inner work, journeying, art, sharing, and diving deeply into the wisdom of the Goddess Persephone. This is an AT-HOME virtual retreat where you'll participate from the comfort of your own home on your own schedule. Meditate, take inner journeys, and learn new art techniques, just like a live in-person retreat.

As part of this at-home retreat, you will:

**Look with curiosity at your own transition from the outer world of busyness to your inner conscious - and then back to the outer world.

**Work through all 5 steps of The Visual Journaler process using color, collage, visual prompts, and journal writing to develop and make meaning with your spread.

**Embrace the beauty of your inner and outer worlds. This should be a really sweet, meaningful time for slowing down, connecting, and exploring your own beauty.

At-Home Retreat Includes:

  • Audio Files

    Terri's voice will guide you into meditations, creative visualizations, and readings from "Persephone Rising" just like being in an in-person retreat.

  • Visual and Writing Prompts

    You'll be guided to work in your visual journey through the layering of writing, imagery, and color.

  • Program Structure

    The program is available here on the Visual Journaler School Portal. This platform is organized so that you can easily follow and track each step of the process.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Get Yourself Ready!

    • Welcome

    • Weekend Schedule

    • Creating Your Space

    • Supplies

    • Collage Stash

  • 2

    Preparing the Space

    • Facebook Live Event

    • Exercise: The Journey From Here to There

    • Collage: Choosing Focal Images and Background Materials

    • Color Palette

    • Meditation and Journal Writing

  • 3

    Turning Inward

    • The Persephone Archetype

    • Turning Inward

    • Journal Writing

  • 4

    Responding with Art Materials

    • A Hot Mess Background - Layering Pyramid

    • Adding Your Focal Image

    • Building Next Layers

    • Solving Problems

    • Gazing and Noticing

  • 5

    Gazing and Noticing

    • Getting Perspective Through Distance

  • 6

    Reading Your Spread

    • Making Meaning

    • Symbols & Metaphor

    • Resolving Conflicts and Solving Problems with Mixed Media

    • Naming Your Spread

    • Incorporating New Narratives

    • Dialogue with Persephone

    • Touchstones

  • 7

    Until We Meet Again

    • Keep Your Practice Going


  • What if I haven't touched art materials in years?

    No art experience is required! These programs are geared for the beginner and experienced creative alike. We are exploring our inner world rather than creating art products. A supplies list and suggestions for how to set up your space will be in the first module. Through the program modules, exercises, and videos you will be guided you through each step of the process.

  • What supplies are needed?

    A supply list is included in the welcome module of the retreat.

  • What is the refund policy?

    There are no refunds for this program once the program has been released.

  • Is this art therapy?

    The Visual Journaler™ programs are designed to help you find some artful strategies to know yourself better and play with the many layers of your deeper Self. Like all art, it reveals unknown parts of ourselves to us. Although it can be therapeutic, the program is not therapy and does not replace work you would do with a therapist.

Awaken Your Capacities and Potential!

Program Materials Are Live on November 1st!