Learning to honor endings is an essential life skill. While the exterior world is constantly changing around us, our interior world contains the emotional reaction and response to those external changes.

The external change can be quick and abrupt but it takes longer for our inner emotional world to digest and process the impact of this change.

We may resist changes in our outer lives fearing a loss of identity or the risk of beginning something new.

As women, we often push through these difficult emotions, telling ourselves that our emotions don't matter.

We may even talk about "letting go" of the past but in reality we may carry forward distress, anger, or resentment. The weight of undigested past experiences dulls our ability to be in the present moment and erodes our self-esteem.

While there is an art to letting go and allowing the cycles of life to come and go, we can also bring a practical process of releasing to what no longer serves us.

In Conscious Endings, I will take you through a process that allows you to acknowledge those highs and lows and to reap what you need to learn so that you can be emotionally free to engage with possibilities for your life.

I'll show you how to:

  • Recognize the three stages of transition and which stage you're in.
  • Acknowledge the highs and the lows of the past.
  • Remove yourself as a victim by allowing your vulnerability to guide and sustain you into emotional healing.
  • Allow yourself to process the stages of grief – then let go of resistance.
  • Free yourself from worry by learning to stay in the present moment.
  • Discover rituals that will honor the past and bring new energy into your Life.

You will also receive a beautiful, Women Connected Conscious Endings Journal for this class.

You will close the year with all its joys, its disappointments, its highs, and its lows as we honor each moment for giving you valuable learnings. You'll feel lighter, renewed, and more energized!

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Conscious Endings
    • Welcome to Conscious Endings!
    • Download and Print: Conscious Endings Journal
    • Create Your Environment
    • What Is Changing In Your World?
    • Circle Accelerator: The Art of Letting Go
    • Video: Conscious Endings
    • Completion Activity: Releasing Practices
    • Additional Support

Conscious Endings

Begin the Process of Letting Go