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Drawing from over 25 years as an organizational leader in Learning, Leadership Development, and Professional Coaching, Terri Altschul blends three pathways  to support her clients:  

Each of these pathways offers unique approaches to increasing self-awareness, evolving your best self, and bringing your talents into expression.  

  • For some, private one-on-one coaching may be the best path;
  • Some clients prefer working indepently with online courses and occasional coaching support;
  • Many clients like working in year-long groups and enjoy the path of Circle Programs;
  • And for yet others, tapping into their creativity and deeper mysteries may be just the right path.

However, it's not just about which path is best for you, but also which path at which time. For this reason, The School includes from each of the three pathways so that you have options and can navigate what works best for you.

The School's tools and practices draw from coaching psychology, mindfulness, Jungian principles, mixed media and the visual arts, earth-based mother cultures, and my personal toolkit from 25 years as a corporate leader in Leadership & Organizational Development.

These programs guide you into multiple ways of knowing yourself through reflection & introspection, holding liminal space, experimenting with new ways of being, embracing ancient wisdom, shadow work, and creative expression.  

Ways The School Can Help You

  • Emotional Freedom

  • Creative Expression

  • Leadership Development

  • Navigating Transitions

  • Wellness & Mindfulness

  • Personal Growth

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Freequently Asked Questions

  • How are online courses presented?

    Online courses are offered right here in our course portal. All courses are organized into modules and each module contains downloadable videos, PDF's, and exercises.

  • How do I access your courses?

    Upon registration for a program, you'll receive a link that you can use to sign-in into your course. Courses are available 24/7 from any device that has an internet connection.

  • Do you offer payment plans?

    Yes, almost every program offers a payment plan. If you don't see one, please feel free to ask.

  • Do you offer scholarships?

    Yes, each year we offer a limited number of scholarships. Please contact Terri Altschul at to discuss your interest.