Without the ability to think about yourself, to reflect on your life, there’s really no awareness, no consciousness. Consciousness doesn’t come automatically; it comes through being alive, awake, curious, and often furious.

Maxine Greene, Philosopher

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Terri Altschul

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I want to help you to feel alive and aligned from the inside out. YOU are the leader, the creator, the changemaker, the wayshower you have been waiting for. Join me. Let’s BE the change.
Terri Altschul

The Pathwork School

This is your place to be!

The Pathwork School is a whole person approach offering online courses and coaching programs that support your journey to becoming your Best Self.  

Here you are supported to look at day-to-day challenges as reflections of the inner work that awaits you.  

You are invited to dig into the underlying causes of self-constructs and limiting beliefs.  As we release these constructs and beliefs, you will experience a greater sense of meaning and purpose, bringing with it greater clarity, creativity, and inner resources.

As the coach and guide, my job is to hold liminal space.  Liminal space is the space “in-between” where you are and where you are going.  In holding liminal space, clients are supported to walk through a process of non-judgmental, self-exploration and self-inquiry, helping them to integrate new, widened perspectives into their lives.   Through this process

The Visual Journaler™ is a big part of the work here at The Pathwork School.  

Visual journaling is an active, purposeful communication that involves using one’s inner vision to imagine what a thought, feeling, or concept would look like if it were expressed as color, shape, or image. 

This act of visual expression, allows you to describe an experience – and with depth – that words cannot achieve.

You will discover new insights, solve problems in new ways, enter into a deeper appreciation of the process of your life, and exercise your creative capacities.  

You will develop one of life’s most important qualities:  the ability to face and move through fear, self-doubt, and the inner critic.  And, find the incredible beauty of YOURSELF on the page.

The Visual Journaler™ method is “journey” approach where we are learning about parts of ourselves, exploring concepts, or delving into story and narrative.

The process has FIVE EASY STEPS and we build our spreads in layers.


Creative Exploration

Combining Art & Coaching

Each layer is something new – meditations, a writing exercise, a visual prompt with color or imagery. We go back and forth with writing, color, and imagery until we have experienced the transformation of the process. Simply grab some art supplies, open your journal.

Join the Visual Journaler Facebook group where you can receipt prompts, inspiration, tutorials, and ...coming in September...Facebook Live events with mixed media tutorials.
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Creative Exploration

Results You Can Expect

  • self-insight about one’s growth

  • fresh perspective on one’s own life journey

  • makes the difficult subject of human transformation accessible

  • positive reframing of stressful events

  • engagement in an interesting, fun, and impactful process

  • gain a fresh perspective on one’s own life journey


Frequently Asked Questions

  • How are online courses presented?

    Online courses are offered right here in our course portal. All courses are organized into modules and each module contains downloadable materials.

  • Do I need art experience for Visual Journaler programs?

    No art experience is required! These programs are geared for the beginner and experienced creative alike. We are using art to explore our inner world rather than creating art for the purpose of art products. A supplies list and suggestions for how to set up your space will be in the first module. Through the program modules, exercises, and videos you will be guided you through each step of the process.

  • Is this therapy?

    The Visual Journaler™ programs are designed to help you find some artful strategies to know yourself better and play with the many layers of your deeper Self. Like all art, it reveals unknown parts of ourselves to us. Although it can be therapeutic, the program is not therapy and does not replace work you would do with a therapist.

  • What kind of support is available?

    Add-on coaching support is available for all online programs.